Year in Review

In 2018, we were able to accomplish the following because of the support of our church and ministry partners.


January: We opened a new church in Singapore.

February: I was able to preach the Gospel in Chuka, Kenya and saw many salvations and healings. Watch the video report. We also opened the Ignite School of Ministry in Perth, Australia.

March: We conducted crusades and leadership conferences in Cavite, Palawan, Cebu, and General Santos, Philippines. Hundreds came to Christ, many miracles occurred, and pastors and leaders were trained. Watch the video.

April: I spoke at the grand opening of our new church in Manila, Philippines. We also hosted our first youth camp in the Philippines. Many youth were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Additionally, we launched a new church in Mindanao, Philippines – an area currently under martial law. Just a few months later – in October – one of the church buildings on the property was burned to the ground. We were able to raise support to replace the equipment and supplies that were destroyed. Thank you partners!

May: I conducted a miracle crusade in General Santos City and and spoke at two of our churches in Manila, Philippines. We saw blind eyes open and many deliverances.

June: We hosted a missions conference in Perth, Australia. We thank God for those who pledged to support missions.

July: We launched our free School of Ministry at Thousands have now enrolled for our free courses. We also took a team to Bali, Indonesia one of the most unreached places in the world. We were privileged to share the gospel, visit persecuted believers, conduct seminars for pastors and leaders, and even teach in a Bible college that raises up missionaries to reach the unreached in the 10/40 window.

September: We visited Palawan and Manila, Philippines ministering in our churches and conducting leadership training and seminars. We also conducted a Freedom Encounter and saw many people delivered and find freedom in Christ. On the closing night, many came to Christ and were radically saved.

November: We took a multinational team to the Philippines and hosted crusades and leadership conference in 4 locations. One of these communities had never heard the gospel before. My wife Lynn also hosted a woman’s conference that impacted hundreds. I also attended and participated in a ministry network conference in Singapore comprised of pastors from all over Asia.

December: We opened two new churches: One in Bucana, Philippines and the second in Singapore.

Want to see pictures and videos? Visit here.

Because of the prayers and financial gifts of our friends and partners, we were able to do so much in 2018. It looks like 2019 will be an even greater year of ministry opportunity. More unreached nations are opening up. I was also recently approached by TBN and they have offered us a time slot for a television program. We are just needing additional funds to purchase television equipment.

We really appreciate your prayers and financial gifts. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner or making a one time donation? Please visit

What about coming on a mission trip? We are planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia in July and to Mindanao, Philippines in November of this year. Email me if you are interested.

Extending the King’s Dominion, 
Glenn Bleakney

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