Word for the Weary

The Father says: “Some of my precious children have been experiencing unrelenting adversity. You have gone from one hardship to another. Your friends and family have questioned the integrity of your walk with Me. They reason, “Surely, they must be living in disobedience.” Hear me now! What the enemy intends for evil, I will use for good. Like Joseph’s brothers of old, the day will come when those that have forsaken you will earnestly seek your help. You will become a deliverer to your despisers! Yet you say, “I am disqualified. I have failed miserably!” Watch what I will do in your life! Even now I am applying the finishing touches. You will be amazed at how quickly I raise you up for my glory! Who would dare even to point a finger? I am the one that calls you by My name!”



3 thoughts on “Word for the Weary”

  1. Love it And claim accept this word as mine!!I qualify to for it lots of adversity Hell on earth type I mean and I lay claim to it as mine this day therefore!!!

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