Waging Prophetic Warfare


3 thoughts on “Waging Prophetic Warfare”

  1. Awesome knowledge wisdom and inspiration to move accordingly with our Almighty God through our Saviour Christ Jesus
    Thankyou and God bless you

  2. I appreciate in all you do and I thank God how he uses you in a mighty way. Your a great teacher! Thank you for your obedience.

  3. Glenn, Good morning and God bless you sir! Ever since you and your wonderful wife came to Fort Myers there was an enormous change within my spirit. God truly changs thousands, ya, millions through you! There is such an annointing over this ministry, and it truly be a blessing from above! So many of the words the Lord speaks through you resonate through His children! For this I am deeply grateful, hallelujah!!! Felt as if my soul is under attack, then there was a word delivered. This ministry be a well spring of Living Water, you and your wife are a refreshing current through the dessert. Hallelujah! Recently moved to Kentucky, please pray for college entrance, stablity in finances and growth in roots towards building up a community of fellow believers. God bless you, Jesus loves you!
    Devoted to Christ, Gwendolynn
    Oh btw, what does the name of God mean that you ended with???

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