Tumour Disappears

My name is Dwayne Becker, from Great Bend, Kansas. I am a healthy, a father of three and besides some blood pressure issues I have had no other health problems outside of natural aging from good, hard, manual labor.
Approximately 1 ½ years ago I started to feel an inner growth on the lower right side of my neck, at the base. The growth was firm and about 2 inches in diameter. Each time I looked up I could feel it. I would massage it hoping it was just a pinched nerve, but feared it was a blood clot. Fear hindered me from going to the doctor to have it checked out. My wife and I went on a mission trip in March. My fear increased. I was afraid that the growth it was a blood clot and that it would break loose from the pressure.
Evangelists Glenn & Lynn Bleakney came to Great Bend, Kansas with their son Tyler to conduct a Kingdom Encounter Healing Crusade. The first night Glenn preached the Holy Spirit gave him a word of knowledge. He asked for someone to come forward who was having some kind of neck problem. I did not respond because I did not know if he was referring to me and I had already gone forward for prayer for my shoulder in response to another word of knowledge given earlier that evening.
God spoke to Glenn and Lynn that the miracle services were to continue for another week. We were at the service on Monday and Glenn asked the same thing: to pray for someone who was having neck problems. I still did not go forward and ask for direct healing, but while Glenn was praying for someone else for healing, I placed my hands on them and repeated every word he spoke claiming it for my own healing.
The very next morning while I was in the shower, I coughed and I was quite surprised as a large amount of blood came out of my mouth! Within seconds, after I lifted my head up to wash my hair, I could feel the lump in my neck was completely gone! The uncomfortable feeling of it being there was instantly removed.
It has now been several months and I feel great. There is no more pain, discomfort or swelling on my neck! Praise God! Thank you Jesus for my healing!

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