Video Devotional: Breaking Through Roadblocks

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  1. Yes I have felt GOD calling me for four years to change my business – and I have met with many road blocks one after another. I closed my tax accounting business December 2014 and tried to focus on the book writing and workshop presentations etc that God wanted me to do through TFG Consulting Contracting & Services Inc. – TFG – Training for Greatness. I have been tried and tested. I believe God will come through for me in the 11th hour. I don’t think GOD has changed his mind, money is getting tight, so in order to keep things going I am trusting GOD that the blessings will come forth. Thank you so very much for your prayers and for clearly explaining what is going on. I am trying to clear my office out of the past obstructions. Thank you for the instructions on clearing the blockages and taking authority over satan in the name of Jesus Christ. I see success coming!!!!

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