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Prophetic Insight: 2015 will be a year of widening contrast in the spirit realm: a year of increasing darkness and increasing glory! The words of the prophet Isaiah in chapter 60 will become such a reality to us as we see darkness covering the earth and deep darkness the people. Men will long for peace, pray for peace, and even attempt to broker peace deals, but to no avail. In the midst of dark days when evil is gaining significant momentum, a cry of desperation will come forth from a people of faith. These are the ones that have heeded the invitation to convocation. They have gathered in response to the Lord’s summoning and are saying, “Yes, Lord I will arise and shine for my light has come.” A greater number of seekers of the glory, not the glamour and glitter of the grandiose will be revealed in 2015, They will walk with a powerful anointing: Peter’s shadow, Miracles, deliverances, will be witnessed where they go. They have come to realize they are the revival they have heard preached about by their elders. I see a company of the younger generation taking the land, evicting the devil, releasing the captives, restoring the blessing.


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  1. I loved every second of this video, and then you got to the end and I could not believe it, I believe your first and your second words were for me. (Although maybe many others could claim that too!) I watch a lot of videos where people give words and never have I thought one was for me, ever. These were spot on to exactly what I have been feeling, thinking and praying and the whole time during your teaching I was absorbing how to warfare regarding those two exact things you spoke prophetically over. Lol. I LOVE Jesus so much, Thanks for all you do for Him to serve.
    God bless you in ALL you do,
    Sherri Ohler

  2. Thank-ewe for sharing these methods for contending for your promises with the prophetic.
    A testimony…
    Many years ago after my wife and I were Wed she began to long for a child. After another 2 or 3 years passed we began to seek medical advice as to what may be hindering us. We both were told by our individual physicians that we were barren and unable to have children. So we asked the Pastor to pray for us and over the course of the next year we received several prophecies that we would have a child. We then received some advice from our doctor that there was a surgery that I could undergo which may increase our chance to “one in a million”. Shortly before the scheduled surgery the Holy Spirit challenged me to believe in the promises and prophesies that we had received earlier. So to the disapproval of my doctor I cancelled the surgery. Several months passed then one day my wife took ill and so went to see her doctor. While in her office being treated she asked about having a pregnancy test and the doctor laughed and refused to administer one because that is not possible. My wife insisted and to the doctors surprise the test was positive that she was indeed pregnant. Our beautiful daughter is now seventeen and very healthy.
    Psa 68:6 God places the lonely in “families”….

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