Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 8

There are some necessary prerequisites if you are to come to know the voice of God. In the natural,  you do not recognize the voice of a stranger. You only recognize voices of those you know and with whom you have developed a relationship. The same is true spiritually. If you are to come to know God’s voice, you must first come to know God and develop an intimate relationship with Him and mature in your faith



5 thoughts on “Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 8”

  1. Catherine Bernales

    So grateful for the prophetic training. Such a blessing to me for it is my heart desire to be activated in this gift. I want to be a blessing to other people esp. to those who are in need. Thank you so much and God bless! Love, Cathy

  2. Wow! How powerful these words are!! It bless my mind how truly awesome God is in all His glory! Three topics were just spoken of to separate individuals over the last forty eight hours that Glenn brings up here! How entrenched our minds are!! God please bring us to a place of thirsting for your Word and wisdom with ferocity that we crave nothing else!! Father God thank you for your guidance, love, and consistency!! Hallelujah!!

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