Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 5

Today we continue to study about gifts, calling and anointing and also the how prophecy and prophets serve the Body of Christ and the world.


3 thoughts on “Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 5”

  1. This is so true! God said His Word will accomplish what He send it for! An Anointed Word heard and spoken by the one God called Anointed and send out has much more impact as the hearer that does not bear the Anointed Authority over those Words! When I hear someone carry a message that was mend for someone else over to someone else. I start to pray Gods Devine Power over those Words that was originally Spoken by God! God taught me to lessen careful, with-it revelations unspoken come out at times! His Word will never come back to Him void! To me Words spoken by God if it’s written up in His Word or Spoken today to someone it’s Power of life and death will be! To me it’s like Elisha’s bones it has its Power even after He went Home! There is a much greater joy and blessing in walking and hearing and seeing and have that intimacy with God by oneself, and allow God to show you the thing not reveal yet.Jer 33:3 ‘Judah, pray to me, and I will answer you. I will tell you important secrets. You have never heard these things before.’
    There is nothing as wonderful to be in Him in Holy Presance and He in you and see, hear, feel His revelations! To really be in God and see, is far better than carry others messages. its far bejoyned explination.

  2. EXCELLENT……..The Prophetic word…..ANOINTED and SPOKEN by God through a GODLY SERVANT…..has the ability to awaken The Church……out of slumber…..and also, brings the hearer to a ENCOUNTER with CHRIST himself…Bringing with it sometimes, ..REPENTANCE….……releasing a Prophetic word to a heart can bring confirmation to a life……..I myself have high regards for the Prophetic Ministry…….which this is all I have known since I have been born again…….it’s quite an honor that God has given men the ability to HEAR…..HIS VOICE……And to hear it ….in a way that will change lives… it is preached…..shared…..this is one way GOD SPEAKS TO MEN……..I am humbled that God would reveal secrets to us……and entrust us to share them…….Blessed by this teaching on the PROPHETIC……Be refreshed in the strength of our LORD and Savior as you advance the KINGDOM OF GOD……….

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