Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 3

Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 3

Today we examine the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet. Prophecy is a gift and the prophet is a calling. Not all who prophesy are prophets, but all prophets do prophesy.



12 thoughts on “Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 3”

  1. Wow — I am in day 3 of the training and I am in AWE — Glory be to God — as I follow this teaching the Holy Spirit is DOING IT — not sure how to explain this but the Holy Spirit did yesterday what I heard in your Teaching today — May the Lord bless you in amazing ways for your faithfullness to share with the Body of Christ — You are a WONDERFUL Brother in Christ doing WONDERFUL work equipping the saints.
    Thank you !!
    Lorraine Molyneaux

  2. This is very informative and gave me a clear understanding of a prophet and gift of prophesy. I am enjoying this teaching. I like the way this is presented which is direct and easy to understand.


    i like this very much ,very well explane coming from the holy spirit no one is more qualifield than our good friend the holy spirit i urge every one to get this teaching

  4. Yes, very good teaching and how the church needs to understand such things as this!! The gifts are the gifts and operate separately from the fruits, but God matures us in the fruit of the spirit and causes us to wait upon Him before moving us into positions or offices we are not mature enough to handle.

  5. Thank you Glenn,your teaching is so awesome,I really enjoy it.
    I have just finished session three and can’t wait for the rest. Bless you

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