Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 2


In today’s video teaching, we will examine the role of the prophet and prophecy in the New Testament. Specifically, we will see how Jesus Himself operated as a prophet. 



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  1. Very good lesson. here are my answers to the questions.
    1. The difference of prophecy in the NT and OT is the Universal ministry of the Holy Spirit in whom anyone filled or all with the HS can prophesy. In the OT, the work of the HS is limited to some people. In the NT, the prophets are tested. In OT, the false prophets are stoned to death when their words don’t come to pass.
    2. 1 Corinthians 4:1 “….desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesy and 1 Cor. 14:31 “For you can all prophesy one by one…” Acts 2:17-18 “…sons and daughters shall prophesy
    3. A prophet of God sees and hears from God, reveals God, speaks for God of the truth that they want to know. The prophet communicates with God in spirit and speaks or proclaim it
    4. The 2 elements of prophecy is Revelation. A prophet perceives the will and mind of God and the other element is Proclamation – prophet speaks forth what he hears from God through small still voice or by seeing and perceiving of what God wants to be proclaimed.

  2. Awesome lesson. Answers to the questions
    1. The fundamental difference of prophecy in the Old Testament and the New Testament is… a) In the OT , anyone could call themselves prophets and prophesize and when they were found out the false prophets were stoned to death. b). In the NT, Prophets were to be tested
    2. Some scriptural references that speak about prophesying in the NT are: a). To long for the gifts of Holy Spirit, and especially the gift of prophecy. b.). That our kids meaning sons and daughters will prophesize when the Lord pours out his will in the last days.
    3. What are the gifts of the seer and the prophet: a). A seer will see and hear a vision from God for himself for his life or others. b). A prophet will hear the voice of God and then is responsible to pass the revelation out to the people.
    4. What are the two elements of the aspects of the prophetic: a). A prophet speaks to the people what God wants him to proclaim. b). The other is Revelation.

  3. This was very good. But the video cut out here at about 6 min. into it and stated that it was “no longer available”. Not sure what happened, but I only got 6 min. here instead of 10. ???

  4. Did any one write the answer for prophecy,prophesy,propheysing signifies the ___________of the mind and counsel of God. I missed that answer. Awesome teaching on prophecy GOD is calling the body of Christ to take their rightful place as the church today. He is dissipating plans, relationships, resources, giving dreams and visions to move us in a new direction. I trust God. Recently have you ever doubted yourself not knowing if you can do what god has called you to do not knowing exactly where god is taking you.

  5. Hi Maude, We have checked the videos for both day 1 and day 2 and they are each over 10 mins in length. Must be an issue on your end. Please try watching them again. God bless

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