Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 12

In our final session I wanted to share from my heart regarding the importance of having noble character and motives when ministering prophetically. At the conclusion of this video, there will be a time of prayer for impartation and activation in the prophetic.


9 thoughts on “Prophetic Preparation Training – Day 12”

  1. Thank you for this free training and it has been very enlightening and helpful. Stay blessed and in the power of the Holy Spirit!

  2. tanks for the time spends freely to traine christians that truly wants to serve the lord .we all need one another to complete the body of christ tank you so much

  3. Catherine Bernales

    Thank you so much Pastor Glenn for this prophetic training you shared freely to us..i really am hungry to be use mightily for the kingdom of God. Freely you give, freely you will receive GREATER THINGS from ABOVE, without measure. Thank you for your good heart and God bless you more! So grateful! I am really blessed!☺️

  4. Pastor Glenn:
    What profound teachings, so necessary in these last days. I have been blessed tremendously for this spiritual nuggets. Do keep up the good work and may the Lord bring the increase as you need it in 2016 so you may continue to go forth with the Gospel message of His love to a lost and dying world. His grace and peace surround you always.

  5. Thank u Ptr. Glenn.. Godbless ur heart and u share wt us ur gifts and empower us tru the Holy Spirit.. Cont. To bless and help others… And we can use and empower others too. Tru the Holy Spirit.. More bless ur humbleness and Gods fearing.. God bless u and ur family..

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