Why Pray?

podcast graphicIn the Gospels, particularly Luke’s account,  Jesus, our Great High Priest models for us the lifestyle of prayer. “So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed” (Luke 5:16)
The Gospel of Luke is unique in that it highlights Jesus’ humanity (Son of Man) and emphasizes prayer more than any other narrative. To summarize, here is what Luke is teaching: every miracle performed by Jesus when he was on the earth was not done as God in the flesh, but as a man in the Spirit’s power! Through a life prayer and submission to his Father, Jesus tapped into the supernatural power of God and went around destroying the works of the devil and healing all that were oppressed.
How can we expect to see the Kingdom of God come with power if we do not pray. If the Master needed to pray, how much more do His disciples.
Darkness is covering the earth and deep darkness the peoples. The only way to overcome this spiritual darkness is by releasing the light of the glory of God on the earth!
In that place of communion with Him we access His glory and power!
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