Power of Prophetic Word


Power of the Prophetic

New Audio Teaching by Glenn Bleakney

A true word from God is a weapon that will enable us to experience breakthrough into our destiny. Based on Paul’s words to Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:18. This new teaching will show you how to tap into the power of the prophetic and prevail against all spiritual resistance in order to experience your prophetic destiny.

2 thoughts on “Power of Prophetic Word”

  1. Wow, amen. How easily we forget that scripture that at times we are not called to minister in a certain area. Our perception and understanding is so limited juxtaposition to the perfect wisdom of our heavenly Father! It would do us well to submit ourselves through meekness and humility that our minds may be able to receive the majestic blessings bestowed into us by our Lord and Savior!
    Thank you for the Word, hallelujah!!

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