How to Possess Prophetic Promises

2 thoughts on “How to Possess Prophetic Promises”

  1. I really needed this today… I’ve been in the ‘hallway’ for quite a while this season and really needed some hope/strategy. Thank you

  2. Really enjoyed this Glen. Jesus is shining through you brother as you encourage the Body of Christ. This teaching opens up to me something I sense the Lord is wanting us to understand that we are being prepared to display the fullness of who God is. His Glory. We have the fullness within us and he is getting us to realise this and he is wanting to develop that fulness so that we don’t go out half alive or half hearted underdeveloped in the fulness, because we don’t know the full extent of the nature and character of Christ who we embody. The 5 fold ministry is training this fulness within us so that it will be realised and released. Hallelujah…….do others agree??

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