New Mentoring Course

glenn“Mentoring for Momentum” with Glenn Bleakney is a STRATEGIC coaching system and personal mentoring pathway that will take you from where you are to where you need and want to be as a leader.
Initially, you receive our “Life Assessment” that will help YOU uncover and clarify your passions, giftings, personal vision, values, and life mission. You will begin to see with clearly the destiny that God has for you.Then each week you will receive a video for a total of 6 weeks.Glenn Bleakney will then coach and mentor you via Skype on a personal journey over 6 months that will rapidly move you forward into your destiny. You will be amazed at your progress!
The course starts on Monday. January 12 Want to learn more?
Cost for the course is $500.

You can also make 5 monthly payments of $100

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