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Spirit Empowered Living
Kingdom Power and Provision

Course Description: Spirit Empowered Living: In this course, you will study about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit also known as the Gifts of the Spirit. You will learn how to minister in all the Gifts of the Spirit: healing, prophecy, words of knowledge, etc as well as learn how to increase the Spirit’s power and anointing on your life! Nine (9) video teachings plus required reading and final examination online and assignment.Course
Course Description: Gospel of the Kingdom: In this course you will see from the New Testament from the New Testament that the Gospel is a message about a kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven! By and large, the Church has believed and preached a message that is inferior to the Gospel of the Kingdom. Understanding the Kingdom Gospel will result in the power and glory of the Lord being released on the earth today among the nations and the Church living in the fullness of Kingdom power and provision. You will begin to see miracles follow you wherever you go as a believer when you understand the revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom! This course has Nine (9) Video teachings plus required reading, final online examination, and practical assignment. 

  • Sign up for either one of the courses below and make payment. Then choose what date you want to commence studying. We will them email you the study manuals and books.
  • On commencement date, you will receive an email with the first video to watch. Each Monday after this a subsequent video will be sent you you. 
  • Due Date: We give you 90 days to complete each course including watching the videos and completing the required reading and final online examination. 


  • Complimentary copy of student study manual for each course.
  • Access to a fresh video teaching each week. 
  • Complimentary copies of the PDF required reading books
  • Access to the Final Examination.
  • Bonus Gift! Free copies of Powerful PDF books! Each book is over 200 pages! Our gift to you! 
  • Certificate after successfully completing the course.
  • NEW! Apply this course toward a diploma from our online EMPOWER School of Ministry with the option of applying credits toward a degree with a Bible College we have a working relationship with!

We could easily charge $500 for either one of these courses. In fact, most online schools charge much more! However, because we desire to equip as many people as possible to IMPACT the world with the power of the Gospel, we have chosen to keep the cost at only $60.00 USD for each course which includes tuition, all books, and materials! No strings attached!
Only $60 per course for a limited time! 

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