New Breed of Leaders

A generation of leaders is arising throughout the earth that are sold out to a life of holiness and the fire of the Spirit. Such people will bring healing and deliverance to their generation.

7 thoughts on “New Breed of Leaders”

  1. Your message on the prodigal hit the mark. Heard it twice an passing it out.
    Be blessed, stay on the track.
    London Ont Canada

  2. Thanks, Glenn, for your generosity in sharing this timely and needed teaching. There’s great impartation and anointing in it. Blessings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  3. Gwendolynn Hanisch

    Hi there Glenn, God bless you! Gwendolynn, coming from Fort Myers, FL.
    Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you. Thank you Jesus! Bless you Lord!

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