Miracle Testimonies


About 6 months ago, I noticed that I my hands and ankles were becoming very stiff. This was a concern to me as my grandfather had his fingers amputated and my mother too has suffered severe pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. I went to the doctor, had blood tests and she confirmed that I had inherited the disease. There is no cure, but treatment can delay the progress and make the pain more manageable. I knew this disease- while part of my natural DNA, was NOT part of my spiritual inheritance. Part of my calling from the Lord is to play piano and minister in worship – and that was becoming difficult due to the pain in my hands when I play. We immediately took a stand against this disease and began claiming my healing.

A few weeks later I was at a meeting in just outside of Montreal where Glenn Bleakney was preaching. He asked for those who needed healing to come forward so I did. As he approached me, he had a word of knowledge and said “Do you have rheumatoid arthritis? The Lord wants to heal you.” He laid hands on me and prayed for me. I was encouraged as this was not my home church and nobody there knew of my condition.

A few weeks later I went for some blood tests which had already been scheduled. When I went to the doctor this week, she told me that I no longer have rheumatoid arthritis. I have been healed!


Multiple Miracles in Trinidad

Glenn Bleakney was with us in Trinidad for ten days of ministry. He preached God’s Word with power. Signs and wonders followed wherever he ministered. There were many salvations, miracles of physical, mental, and emotional healings took place. One of the greatest miracles manifested when an elderly man began hearing in his left ear. Their visit caused a tremendous difference to impact the Kingdom of God. Reports from all the ministers following the team’s visit were filled with thanks to Almighty God and appreciation to the team for visiting their shores.”

Rev. Jacque Antoine

Breathing and Torment Healed

“I brought a friend with me to Glenn Bleakney‘s night of supernatural ministry. Glenn spoke out and said “someone here is having trouble breathing, something with the ribs.” My friend went up and was totally healed of the issue she was experiencing. She also confessed she was tormented with nightmares most of her life every night. Glenn prayed over her and she was completely set free. She hasn’t had a nightmare since! Glory to God!” – Jon Florida

Prophetic Word “Get Back on the Bicycle”

“I attended a meeting where Glenn Bleakney was ministering. I invited an old friend who was battling drug addiction. While praying for her, Glenn shared a vision he was seeing. He saw my friend on a bicycle and said that she was on the right path, but took a wrong turn and ended up walking into the darkness. Glenn continued by describing that she had actually got off her bike, dropped it on the sidewalk and left the bike there. “God says its time to get back on the bike.” My friend confessed in utter amazement that last year after being clean from drugs for 8 months sober she took a ride on her bike and ended up unexpectedly running into a drug dealer she knew. Amazingly she had actually left her bicycle on the sidewalk! My friend was blown away by this revelation from God and has renewed her faith in Christ picking back up where she got off track!” – Submitted by Jon in Florida

Prophetic Word Comes to Pass For Pastor

My associate, Pastor Mark picked Glenn Bleakney up at his hotel and I arrived later to meet the two of them for breakfast. I hadn’t told Glenn anything about our plan to resign from pastoring, but he shared with Mark and then with me that he saw us going to a place at the base of a large mountain, with dry, unplowed soil on top, but underneath it was very fertile ground. And Glenn Bleakney shared that God was taking us to a place where people were not very familiar with the revelations that God has given me to teach. They won’t reject it or scoff at it like I’ve experienced in the past, but it will just all be very new to them. But once they hear it and see it in God’s Word, they will be very receptive. And as a result it will cause growth on a level that we haven’t seen in our previous assignments.

Glenn stated that God wouldn’t open this door in the traditional fashion, as I’ve experienced in the past- such as: applying for an open pastorate through denominational channels, but rather it would be through an unconventional way. He said he was not quite sure what that meant, but God would reveal it to us.

Well, at the time he shared this, we had no idea what we were going to do. We had just made a decision that we were going to pray about leaving traditional pastoring and pursue a different type of ministry in New Mexico or Colorado. Early last year I was approached about pastoring a Cowboy Church in Colorado. At first I thought that might be the open door. But it wasn’t the way God led us. However, this helped get us on the track about doing a cowboy ministry (specifically targeting people in that lifestyle). But then I had numerous pastor friends strongly encourage me to pursue a traveling/teaching & consulting ministry. Well, I took that to heart and pursued that for a while, but it became clear several months ago that was NOT the right direction.

But then one day in December, while praying in the Spirit about this, the LORD again clearly spoke to me about launching a Cowboy Church in Tijeras, NM (above Albuquerque). My wife and I talked & prayed together about it and made the decision that was the direction to go. The very next day we were contacted about a house & horse property that came available right outside of Tijeras.

It’s interesting because it’s right at the base of the Sandia Crest (a mountain of 10,000+ feet). It’s kind of a high desert terrain, and, in the natural, the land is very dry on top, but very fertile underneath just like Glenn shared. There are a few churches up here, but they are either mainline denominations (Catholic, Methodist & Lutheran) and a couple of Baptists types, but NO full gospel or Spirit-filled churches!

God has moved us where He wanted us!

Pastor Vince Bevill, New Mexico

 Vietnam War Veteran Healed of Injury From 1969

Glenn Bleakney came to our church Village Church. It was then that I received my healing of my back. To this very day I remain pain free with no signs of back pain. I first hurt my back in Vietnam in 1969 while serving with the United States Marine Corp. And for over forty years I experienced back pain off and on that would last for a month or longer. I had tried dozens of remedies none worked with any lasting effect. The day Glenn laid hands on my back I felt a warming sensation and also a tingling, something like a small electrical charge running through my back. That day I would say nearly all back pain was gone and within three days it was totally gone and here’s the best part: I am back pain free ever since. Glenn’s part was being faithful and praying for my healing. My part was believing that I would be healed. God’s part is to be the Healer with no exceptions. He is an awesome God who brings all things to those who will believe.

– Paul, New Hampshire

Cancer and Tumors Gone!

“I received a text message from my brother “The tumor under Kailey’s arm is gone!” God is so AMAZING! Earlier this summer, 15 year old Kailey was diagnosed with rabdomyosarcoma (a rare childhood muscle cancer). Lots of prayer, chemo, prayer, chemo, prayer had been the course of action since then. In late September, Glenn and Lynn Bleakney of Awake Nations came to minister at our church New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando Florida in 2011. During prayer for healing, Glenn asked if someone in church that night had cancer. I had brought with me that night a picture of my niece with the cancer. We held onto that picture and began to pray and speak death to that cancer. Glenn and Lynn told me that they really felt assurance that while we were praying something had happened and that Kailey was healed. A couple of days later my brother contacted me told me the tumors were now so small that radiation may not be needed! Now, a few weeks later there are NO TUMORS UNDER HER ARM! Kailey is healed!

Testimony Submitted by Julia

Twenty-Twenty Vision Restored!

Here is a testimony to encourage! A woman asked for prayer at a gathering where we were ministering. She was virtually blind in both eyes. Lynn and I placed our hands on her shoulder and began to pray and decree healing! The Spirit of the Lord said she will go to the doctor and it will be confirmed a miracle. Shortly after this, her doctor did indeed corroborate a total healing in both eyes! She now has 20/20 vision and many are amazed!

Submitted by Glenn Bleakney

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