Life of Miracles – Session 1


3 thoughts on “Life of Miracles – Session 1”

  1. You truly presented the facts in Lesson 1 in a very orderly account which made it clear that being baptized with the Holy Spirit is a subsequent event or better said a different event than being born again. The only reason a person couldn’t believe what you shared here is because they chose not to because their doctrine was more important to them than God’s Truth is. Thank you for making this Truth available and I so appreciate the order it was given in………. be blessed!

  2. Very refreshing! Challenging, and I’m looking forward to the next one!
    Also answered some old questions I forgot about. Love the revelation on speaking in tongues verses the other stuff, healing, miracles etc.

  3. I see three separate events: the water baptism, the Spirit baptism from the breath of Jesus and the fire baptism on Pentecost. In my experience and in the experience of most Christians I know, we have received the first two, but not the third. I know people who have experienced the third who walk in authority that others lack. Am I incorrect in my assessment of the situation? If so, what is the difference between those of us who do and don’t have greater authority and power? Thanks for this teaching. I know I need it!

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