Is it Too Late?

glennDo you have regrets about past choices you have made? Have you squandered your time and resources? Have you ever suffered loss, rejection, abandonment from which you are still trying to recover?
There are two amazing and redemptive promises in the word of God that many have overlooked!
1. Restoration of the Wasted Years.
2. Recovery of all that was Lost or Stolen.
In this powerful teaching called “God will Restore Your Wasted Years,” I will show you how all of this is possible and what you must do to cooperate with the Lord to accelerate and culminate the restoration and recovery process of all that YOU have lost! No matter what, why, or how it was lost, you will recover all because God has said it is to be so!
So many of God’s people are stuck in the place in between prophecy and destiny. This does not have to be the case! Move ahead and recover all! Let God restore to you ALL! No matter how little or how much, He wants you to experience the fullness of His Kingdom promises and provision!
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