Connecting, Equipping, and Empowering You to Advance the Kingdom


The Kingdom Learning Community was birthed late in 2019 by Glenn and Lynn Bleakney of Awake Nations Ministries in order to provide practical training and equipping to the Body of Christ. Since the inception of the Kingdom Learning Community, we have been inundated with requests for more. In addition to the training we offer, many in the Body of Christ long for authentic community and a spiritual family to belong to as well as apostolic connection. In light of the aforementioned, we have launched The Kingdom Community and have assembled a team of godly leaders from various nations to help serve this growing spiritual family.

We are excited to present to you The Kingdom Community! Please read on.

OUR VISION: The Kingdom Community (Awake Nations) is unique in that we operate from a Kingdom perspective and paradigm of mission and ministry. We promote the One Church and One Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Though we believe strongly in the role of the local church, ministry networks, and other Christian organizations, our primary calling is to preach and advance the Kingdom of God on the earth thus hastening the coming of the Day of God (See Luke 8:1; Matt. 24:14; 2 Pet. 3:12). Simply stated, we are not here to promote people, but to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom!

OUR MISSION: To be a Kingdom Community that connects, equips, and sends YOU into the world to disciple the nations and advance the Kingdom of God. We do this by creating an atmosphere of expectation for the supernatural, by strategically equipping you to fulfill your Kingdom calling and purpose, and by connecting you to people and resources for personal growth, leadership development, and Kingdom collaboration.

The Kingdom Community exists to build godly relationships and to empower and release you to fulfill your destiny in Christ. We will NEVER control your vision or ministry.


  1. The opportunity to belong to the Kingdom Community Spiritual family.
  2. Relational Apostolic Connection with Glenn and Lynn Bleakney.
  3. Online training and equipping online. Currently, we offer two monthly sessions on relevant topics to our partners.
  4. Personal and small group mentoring by seasoned five-fold ministers is also available upon request (usually requires a fee).
  5. Collaboration and networking opportunities.
  6. Prayer Covering. We offer a monthly prayer session online as well as a team who will intercede for you.
  7. Ministry and missions opportunities.
  8. Free or discounted rates on training resources, including our online school of ministry, conferences, mission trips, etc.
  9. Training and coaching related to church planting, starting house churches and movements, as well as launching and/or transitioning existing churches into apostolic equipping hubs.
  10. Ordination for five-fold ministry and marketplace ministry to those who qualify.


We view ourselves as a family, not a religious organization – a Kingdom community, and not merely a ministry network. Consequently, relationships are an integral part of who we are. We are committed to get to know you and invest in your life and ministry to see you fully equipped for your purpose in Christ. We believe it is only reasonable that you be willing to reciprocate the commitment.


  • Participate in at least one of our monthly online Kingdom Community sessions.
  • Partner with us by praying for Glenn and Lynn Bleakney and the members and leaders of The Kingdom Community.
  • We also request a monthly financial partnership of any amount.


We have produced a video that give you an overview of who we are. Watch it here. We also recommend you watch the video, What is God Saying to the Church for an overview of our vision.


Contact Us if you have questions or are ready to connect with the Kingdom Community.

Together We Are an Unstoppable force in the Kingdom of God

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