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Awake Nations, has launched a network for those in the church and marketplace ministry. We call this new network, “The Kingdom Community.” Many in the Body of Christ long for authentic community and a spiritual family to belong to as well as apostolic relational connection. This is why we have launched The Kingdom Community!


The Kingdom Community is unique in that we embrace a Kingdom vision and operate from that perspective and paradigm. We are NOT interested in building a network or church/ministry organization. Our aim is to promote the Lord Jesus Christ and see His Kingdom advance in every every nation and in every sphere of society throughout the earth. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).


We exist to be a Kingdom Community that connects, equips, and sends God’s people into all the world to disciple the nations and advance the Kingdom of God. We do this by creating an atmosphere of expectation for the supernatural, by strategically equipping you to fulfill your Kingdom calling and purpose, and by connecting you to people and resources for personal growth, leadership development, and Kingdom collaboration. The Kingdom Community exists to build godly relationships and to equip and empower you to fulfill your calling in Christ in the context of synergistic relationships. Together, we are better and are more effective! We will NEVER control your vision or ministry.


1. The opportunity to belong to the Kingdom Community spiritual family.

2. Relational Apostolic Connection with Glenn and Lynn Bleakney. Apostolic relationship and impartation results in increase, multiplication, and breakthrough! (Rom. 1:11).

3. Online training and equipping online. We offer online sessions on relevant topics such as apostolic centers, the Gospel of the Kingdom, Kingdom foundations, Five-fold working together, experiencing the power and provision of God, starting house churches, and much more.

4. Personal and small group mentoring by seasoned five-fold ministers is also available upon request (sometimes requires a fee).

5. Collaboration and networking opportunities.

6. Prayer covering and pastoral care. We offer a monthly prayer session online as well as a team who will intercede for you and help you walk through challenging situations.

7. Ministry and missions opportunities.

8. Free or discounted rates on training resources, including our online school of ministry, conferences, mission trips, etc.

9. Training and coaching related to church planting, starting house churches and movements, as well as launching and/or transitioning existing churches into apostolic equipping hubs.

10. Ordination for five-fold ministry and marketplace ministry to those who qualify.


We view ourselves as a family and a community, not a religious organization. Consequently, relationships are an integral part of who we are. We are committed to get to know you and invest in your life and ministry to see you fully equipped for your purpose in Christ’s Kingdom.


  • Participate in our regular online Kingdom Community sessions.
  • Build relationships with others.
  • Participate in round table sessions with other leaders.
  • Participate in our monthly prayer times.


if you have questions or are ready to connect with the Kingdom Community, contact us. We promise we will get back with you promptly.

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