Hidden in God

“Depart from here and turn eastward and hide yourself by the brook Cherith…” (1 Kings 17:3, ESV).

Elijah was instructed to hide at a brook called Cherith.

Cherith means “the place of cutting away.” It speaks of the child of God undergoing “spiritual surgery” or “pruning” to remove that which would prevent us from bearing fruit in the next season of our lives. “…and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit” (John 15:2). The word hide can also be translated as a “secret place.” We see this in Psalm 31:20 where the writer cries out, “You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence….”

At Cherith, Elijah was in the precise location he needed to be. All external influences that would distract from intimacy with God had been removed. He could pursue the presence of God resulting in him being infused with inner strength by the Spirit of God and equipped for the next season of his life.

Cherith also means “place of covenant.” It was at this brook that Elijah was tested and learned to appreciate the faithfulness of the Lord in a greater way. Only those who have experienced their faith deeply tested can testify to God’s faithfulness as the God who keeps His covenant.

Are you currently in the “wilderness?” Are you in a place of obscurity and isolation from others? Do you feel abandoned?

Rest assured, that even if you are hidden from man, you have not escaped the attention of your Heavenly Father. He knows the plans He has for you. He has called you to “Cherith” in order to prune and prepare you for greater effectiveness. You are in the right place at the right time. You are not hidden, from God. You are hidden, in God.

It is critical that you submit to the work of the Spirit in your life during your “Cherith” season. Go deeper in prayer, allowing the Lord to cut away from you those things that hinder greater fruitfulness. As you do you can be certain that your Covenant-Keeping God will permit you to experience the fulfillment of His promises, the fullness of His power, and the consummation of Hid provision in your life.

For the Kingdom, 
Glenn Bleakney 

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