Prophetic Breakthrough in Cracker Barrel

The glory of God at Cracker Barrel? Yes! 
cracker-barrelAfter a powerful encounter with the presence of the Lord yesterday morning, several of us went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. One or two of the people in our party began speaking about Jesus to our server, a young man who had recently moved to the area from Miami. It was obvious that he was receptive. In that very moment I heard the Holy Spirit say “this young man is worried about finishing his schooling. Tell him that his Heavenly Father will make sure he will have the funds to be able to do so.” I called the young man over to myself and shared with him what Holy Spirit had just downloaded to me. He began to weep saying, “you have no idea what that means to me! I have been so stressed out wondering how I’m going to finish college.” He further stated that he felt something very warm like a heat going through his body. He was visibly shaken and had to walk away from the table in order to compose himself. Later when he returned, he wouldn’t stop thanking us! We were able to secure his phone number and he intends to come to church in the near future. He was so moved that he actually followed us to the exit of Cracker Barrel to say good bye. Jesus is awesome!