Free Training in the Power of the Kingdom

restoring_the_gospel_of_the_kingdom_18522_thumb__65320.1356020635.1280.1280Have you signed up for the FREE course “Restoring the Gospel of the Kingdom” ? If not, just click here to do so now:
Each week, on a Monday, you will receive an email with a link to the page with the video you are required to view and the reflection questions you will need to answer. Upon completion of all 12 lessons, you will receive an email with the option to take a final examination online. Completing the final examination will result in you receiving a certificate from our online school of ministry.
The student manual for “Restoring the Gospel of the Kingdom” is available for you to download and use while taking this course. It is not required, however, you will find it a valuable resource!
It is usually available to download from our online store for a cost of only $12.99.
However, for those taking the course we are now DROPPING THE PRICE the manual to only $7.99!

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