A Better Way to Pray

What is the true purpose of prayer? Why did God Almighty ordain the act of praying for His creation? By and large, many believers pray only when they need deliverance from their present circumstances, when they are in distress and seek relief from adversity. It is then they offer up their petition to the Lord invoking … [Read more…]

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The Anointing That Makes Hell Tremble

Glenn Bleakney God did powerful things through Paul, things quite out of the ordinary. The word got around and people started taking pieces of clothing—handkerchiefs and scarves and the like—that had touched Paul’s skin and then touching the sick with them. The touch did it—they were healed and whole – Acts 19:11-12, The Message. When … [Read more…]

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The Making of a Modern Pharisee

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The God That Answers by Fire

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How to Get Over Yourself

God is searching the world for people who will submit entirely to Him. The extent of our dependence and submission to the Lord determines our usefulness in His Kingdom. Check out this week’s message by Glenn Bleakney entitled, “How to Get Over Yourself.” 554 total views, 6 views today

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Healing the Soul

Sign Up for Free Video Series on “Healing the Soul.” Go to http://madmimi.com/signups/153028/join The gospel has the power to heal our emotions, restore our minds, purify our affections, and bring our will into subjection to Christ. 508 total views, no views today

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