Pt. 3 – When God Messes Up Your Plans


5 thoughts on “Pt. 3 – When God Messes Up Your Plans”

  1. Glenn, you are the best teacher I have come across and insprirational. This last message has touched my spirit and has now given me great understanding to why I have hit the “brick wall” and has taken people away from me in His calling.
    Abundant blessings

  2. Felicity Hyde-Thompson

    Your teaching has confirmed that what I wondered might be the case, is what is happening in my life right now! All but one of my closest friends have moved away from my home town in the last year, and my last remaining close friend told me yesterday, she’s planning to move away too……and a very dear friend, who I met at Havest School, is visiting for several months from overseas right now! Thank you! 🙂 Felicity

  3. Thank you for this video! I understand God is in control of our lifes. His way is not always our way for us……He sees and knows the bigger picture, we must trust Him more !

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